About Mennonite Heritage Portrait

The Mennonite Heritage Portrait is about you.

It's about you if you are personally connected to Mennonite heritage and culture.
It's about you if you are a student of history ­ international history, Canadian history, or the detailed history of Waterloo Region.
It's about you if you are a visitor or tourist in southwestern Ontario.
It's about you if you are engaged in genealogy, cuisine, or music.
It's about you if you are interested in architecture and historical buildings.
It's about you if you are interested in helping to create one of the most interactive and exciting online heritage archives.

The concept of "the meeting place" has long been at the heart of communication, education and cooperation among the groups known as "Mennonite". The Mennonite Heritage Portrait (MHP) is an on-line extension of that idea ­ a unique site where the diverse cultures of our region meet and work together, from conservative Mennonites to the tech experts of Waterloo Region.

Here, through the Mennonite Heritage Portrait, individuals and groups can explore every aspect of the unique spectrum of Mennonite settlement, growth, and experience. MHP offers its own impressive technological spectrum, opening doors to cultural and architectural heritage through historic photo collections and important archives, using features such as GPS and environmental applications, and blogs.

The Mennonite Heritage Portrait is created with a life of its own -- it will grow continually, as new collections and archives are added to the fully searchable data base, and as individuals contribute stories, digital artifacts, and photographs. Students using MHP can then contribute their research; tourists visiting Waterloo are invited to provide their digital photos; church congregations can use the application to enhance the spiritual life of their congregations and take their sermon discussions into cyberspace.

Through this kind of ultimate interactivity, MHP will live and breathe; at the same time, the distinguished academic experts and technological experts that are part of this project will ensure that data available on the site will be identified as to academic trustworthiness, from anecdotal to authoritative, an invaluable asset for historical researchers.

Explore the Mennonite Heritage Portrait. Use it. Learn from it. Contribute to it. Help build this accessible, authoritative, flexible heritage model.

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