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To search within a geographic area, click on a mapping tool to zoom in, zoom out, or reposition the map as necessary, then click on a search tool and draw a search area on the map. When complete, click on the 'Search' button at the bottom of the page.

If you need to recenter the map to the starting position, you can do so by refreshing this page.
To zoom in on the map, click on the zoom in button Zoom In and then click on the map imagery.
To zoom out on the map, click on the zoom out button Zoom Out and then click on the map imagery.
To scroll the map, either click on one of the arrow buttons Scroll Arrows or click on the recenter button Recenter and then click on the map imagery.
To search by radius (a circle area) on the map, click on the radius button Radius and then click on the map where you would like the centre of your circle to be, and drag out to where you'd like the edge of the circle to be. When you are satisfied with your circle, let go of the left mouse button that you used to drag.
To search by a rectangle on the map, click on the rectangle button Rectangle, and then click on the map where you would like one of the corners of the rectangle to go. Then drag in the direction you would like to draw the rectangle, and let go of the mouse button when you are satisfied with the size of your rectangle.
To search by a polygon (an area with a boundary) on the map, click on the polygon button Polygon and then create your polygon on the map imagery by clicking where you would like to draw. To finish, click once on the beginning point to close your polygon. If you make a mistake, you can replace the current polygon by making sure it is closed/finished and then clicking on the imagery to draw a new polygon.

Please note that you can only draw one circle, rectangle or polygon at a time. If you draw a circle, rectangle or ploygon and then click on a different drawing button, you will lose the drawing item you have just created.

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Touring Car Young men from Waterloo (Erb Street) Mennonite Church at the Green Timbers Manning Depot, British Columbia, 1942 PES_sl403_r2_neg33 Young Men's Sunday School PES_sl278_r2_neg36 PES_sl331_r7_neg31
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