Wiki Linking

To link to another item enter the content type in square brackets followed by the content name in curly brackets.

e.g.[Content Type]{Content Name}
If you wish for the link text to be something other than the Content Name, you can use the format:
[Content Type]{Content Name| Link Text}     * Note that the pipe ('|') must immediately follow the content name (i.e. no spaces)

The supported content types are: Thread, Photo, Audio, Video, User, Group, Building, Collection, Document, Location, Object, Organization, Person, Site

To embed images instead of displaying link text, use the format: [Embed: Content Type]{Content Name}
The content types that support this are: Photo

For most items, the content name is just the title of the item in question. However, for threads, the content name format should be Forum Name + ': ' + Thread Name. For example: [Thread]{FAQ: How do I create a new group?}